Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Qi Activation comes to San Diego August 17 to 20, 2013

by Chance Billmeyer

    Qi Activation, the newest installment of Supreme Science Qigong Foundation's highly successful event Qi Revolution is coming to San Diego later this summer.  ZEN Sanctuary utilizes the nutritional methods and moving meditation knowledge gained from this very effective healing teacher.  
    Qi Activation is a jam packed four day workshop filled with intense Qi Gong forms and valuable presentations.  Experts in NATURAL MEDICINE and YOGA are raving about this event. 
QIGONG improves blood circulation, metabolism and sense of wellbeing.  We teach a technique called “9-Breath Method” that is beyond electricity.  Naturopathic FOOD HEALING is taught with elegant precision & simplicity.

QI is the "Leading Force" behind blood circulation and feels like a PULSE. During Qigong practice people report sensing a powerful blood flow into their hands and feet.
Often it takes people by surprise how warm they feel after making just a few movements.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) states that virtually every disease is caused by lack of blood to organs, joints & extremities.
Qigong can move more blood in your body than jogging many miles... while standing still in relaxed postures!!! Yoga works with energy, but to a lesser degree and although we practice and love yoga, Qigong does what Yoga cannot.
We train many thousands of yoga teachers and they are always blown away by the Tangibility of Qi experienced. Intense exercise releases CORTISOL and constricts vessels. Qigong moves blood while the practitioner is RELAXED and therefore gets a level of circulation that is unmatched.
Some people may have a knot in their stomach or bad digestion. Qigong usually improves this condition.
Blood can work itself through closed off capillaries when a person is relaxed and increasing Qi in that area.

Qi dwells "In The Air" according to ancient masters and thus BREATHING techniques are the most powerful type of Qigong.  9-Breath Method is our favorite technique.
It gets you naturally high — better than any drug and cleanses the blood. Within 1 minute the results are apparent.  “The Buzz” as we call it, does more than simply release endorphins, it restores blood at the cellular level!  Want scientific proof? Check out the microscope slide revealing the blood revitalizing power of our methods.
PTSD veterans coming back from Iraq are saying our Qigong works better than anything else to feel PEACE. Anxiety patients say doing 9-Breath Method calms more effectively than taking Xanax and tranquilizers. Imagine what Qigong can do for you! The possibilities are endless...
Before Qigong a health conscious test subject has "sticky" red blood cells even though he eats healthy. After doing 9-Breath Method one time (45 second technique) his blood changes dramatically with cells becoming rounder. Optimal health happens at the cellular level!  This breathing science has groundbreaking implications for diseases that thrive in low oxygen, like cancer & bacterial infections.
Top 10 Health-Benefits of Qi Activation:
  1. Improves the motion of blood, warms the blood and enhances whole body circulation.
  2. Stimulates healthy appetite, sex function, assimilation of nutrients, digestion/elimination.
  3. Accelerates metabolism, weight loss/gain decreases need for sleep/promotes endurance.
  4. Bolsters immunity by reducing cortisol, the catabolic hormone an inhibitor of cytokine.
  5. Develops dexterity, reflexes.  Weight bearing Qigong prevents Osteoporosis in clinical studies.
  6. Opens arteries allowing greater brain-based microcirculation to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Enhances mental acuity, focus and concentration. The Qi draws focus and trains the mind.
  8. Helps us to calm down, relax and become more peaceful.
  9. Remarkably improves results of hands on healing, such as Reiki.
  10. Deepens connection with our SPIRIT connecting us to God/Source.
To obtain tickets to the Qi Activation in August please follow this link.

Monday, June 17, 2013

ZEN Sanctuary - Health & Wellness Center Celebrates 10 YEARS

    ZEN Sanctuary has become an icon of health and wellness in Kensington.  Over the past 10 years, owner Chance Billmeyer and his staff have created a vibrant healing community that serves the local residents as well as the larger San Diego community and beyond.  Clients and patients come from as far away as Norway and Alaska to receive healing therapy.
    ZEN was founded by Chance Billmeyer on October 6, 2003 and opened it's door with a big celebration of over 200 people.  "The parking lot was transformed into a dining hall with a sushi chef, white linen tables and candlelight.  I remember it was the weekend before the first big fire in San
Diego.  We were lucky to have our opening before all of the ash began to fall and we quickly responded to the needs of those effected by the fire.  We created a massage recovery program where a portion of the massage would go to the fire victims. We also created a Fire Package with soothing essential oils and other calming remedies that clients could purchase and give to friends or people they know to help with the anxiety surrounding the event," said Chance.
    Since 2003, ZEN Sanctuary has grown to include Acupuncture, Skincare, Chinese Herbs, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Nutritional Therapy.  Early supporters included Ross Weaver, HHP, Royal Fraser, L.Ac., and Debbie Burgeson, Esthetician.  Ross and Chance both graduated from IPSB or the International Professional School of Bodywork.  "We never attended class together, but as I was forming ZEN I asked the other students who might be a good fit for ZEN, Ross's name came up again and again.  They all said he was the ZEN guy.  After meeting Ross, I can certainly see why they said that.  He was sporting a rasta dread hairstyle and had this very bohemian, peaceful way about him. We hit it off right away so I invited him out to the construction of the space on Adams Avenue in the newly remodeled Plaza Kensington.  Ross loved the space and offered his help with the transformation into the early ZEN BodyMind Sanctuary & Studio as it was known then," said Chance.
    ZEN started out with two treatment rooms, a reception/retail area, and a room called the Healtana Room.  The Healtana Room was a private room where clients would relax, undress and get into robes before receiving their treatments.  This room had a locker space for placing their items and a cozy chair for enjoying tea.  After a couple of years, the center's client base grew and the Healtana Room was converted into another treatment room.
    As ZEN's clientale continued to grow, so did ZEN and in 2005 ZEN added more space and completely renovated the sanctuary to it's current beauty.  RAZ & Majette Interior Design occupied the space to the west of ZEN and when they moved out, ZEN added this space to their operations.  This created a special room for Debbie Burgeson called the Cherry Blossom room, to offer skincare to our
clients and created a new Retail/Reception area for more great products.  The Renovation cost over $15,000 and took five weeks to complete.  The center remained open for business during renovation as clients who were given the option to reschedule continued to see therapists during the construction.
    "I remember working on a client during the construction.  At one point, the roofers were removing the old roof and installing a new one.  They had to cut through the ceiling.  Unbeknownst to me, the roofer cut through the ceiling while my client was face down receiving a massage.  I looked up at the roofer and the sunshine now filling the room with a concerned look.  I told my client what had just happened and asked him if he wanted to stop.  He said 'no, it doesn't bother me, just keep going.' So, I continued working while the roofer cleaned out the space he had opened.  It was really bizarre and definitely not in line with what ZEN is all about," Chance said.
    In the 10 years that ZEN has been helping clients, ZEN has enjoyed it's namesake, truly living up to its "Peace of MIND and Body" ideal.  Clients consistently say, "I feel calm already, just by being here."  The beautiful contemporary Japanese interior features rich earth tones of tallow yellow and terra cotta.  Original art and oil paintings adorn the walls and the floor is covered in burnished bamboo and hand glazed saltillo tiles.  Every detail, from the flagstone tea counter to the crown moulding has been carefully considered to enhance ZEN's clients feeling of peace while in this space.
    ZEN changed it's name in 2012 to simplify and emphasize it's purpose as a sanctuary: a place of refuge from the stress and challenges of everyday life.  "ZEN continues to showcase art and culture. Our participation in local art events and our own events such as the Koinbori, or Children's Day Coloring Contest, reflect our original name ZEN BodyMind Sanctuary & Studio.  However, this name is too long so we shortened it to what everyone referred to and knew us by, ZEN Sanctuary," said Chance.
    ZEN Sanctuary offers time for contemplation during it's Meditation Hour and give back to the community through it's quarterly Open Houses.  The staff at ZEN Sanctuary continually research, seek out additional education, and provide the latest therapy for Skincare, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Moving Meditation and Medicinal Herbs.  Many of the staff are faculty at local colleges teaching what they provide while at ZEN. "We are looking forward to the next 10 years.  We are passionate about what we do and are so grateful to be part of the Kensington community," said Chance.
    Today, ZEN has a very diverse and professional staff of health professionals.  The center is open seven days a week Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. -- and offers Meditation every Sunday at 8 a.m.
ZEN Sanctuary will be holding a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration on Saturday September 21, 2013 at 7 p.m.  Look for future announcements.

To see a complete list of our current Health Professionals, please click here.

For more information about ZEN Sanctuary, please go to their website at www.zensanctuary.com
ZEN Sanctuary is located at: 4183 Adams Avenue, San Diego CA 92116
Phone:  (800) 818-0293
Online Booking: ZENSanctuary Online Booking
Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Art Around Adams 2013 Was a Huge Success

by Chance Billmeyer, Owner ZEN Sanctuary

   For all you who joined us during the ever popular Art Around Adams on June 1, 2013 you witnessed extraordinary talent and made quite a few new friends.  Art Around Adams celebrated it's 10th Anniversary this year and ZEN Sanctuary enjoyed it's 6th year by participating with a brand new stage: the ZENCORE Stage.  ZEN hosted two performers and a fire dancing ensemble. Allan Warder and House Plant provided engaging and thought provoking music while Tribal Fire provided daring dancing with fire.

   ZEN Sanctuary worked in tandem with our neighbor Core Personal Training Studio during the event.  Core had a great area set up to work with local children and help them express their art.  Chalk drawings and projects were created to help children express their thoughts around topics like: Peace, Creativity, Family and Fun.

  Two of ZEN Sanctuary's staff also provided some beautiful and poetic exhibits during the event.  Jeanne Mari Auger is an accomplished painter from Quebec, Canada.  In the mid-80's, she studied photography and Fines Arts for the most part at Concordia University and College Saint-Laurent. There she met painter and mentor Jean Lefebure of the automatist movement whose artistic views have greatly supported and helped define her artistic expression. 
Jeanne Marie has shown her work in different solo and group exhibitions as well as several coffee shops in Montreal and more recently in San Diego County, California, U.S.A.
Her main focus is to visually translate perceptions of more elusive realities and put them in a context which becomes somewhat of a roadmap to her psyche. She uses visual elements (colors, symbols and geometric patterns as well as figurative and abstract elements) in an unpredicted manner to create what we could refer to as a visual metaphor. She also has done several studies of portraits. 
  In addition to Jeanne Marie Auger's work, Chance Billmeyer, Owner of ZEN Sanctuary also exhibited 36 photographs along with a photo poem entitle Qi China Chic. The photos were taken from a trip he made back in 2010.  "I wanted to convey what it is like to live in China and give people here in San Diego a taste of their culture. I feel that the media conveys a picture of China that is not consistent with the reality of what China is about.  I found a people who were happy, healthy, and busy with many of the same activities we find in San Diego.  The main difference was their relationship to their environment and specifically to nature.  Most of the population either lives in large cities or they live in communal farming communities.  The cities and farming go hand in hand, coexist next to each other. You look out your apartment window on the edge of the city and all you see are farms.  This integration of respect for nature flows throughout the city as well with fresh markets and local eateries that serve the food grown nearby" said Chance.
  During the event, Sonnie Owns created a beautiful display showcasing her NEW Vintage jewelry.  "The jewelry is a great way to combine and recycle older pieces with newer trends, making it the perfect accent for today's woman," said Sonnie.  Sonnie used old vintage luggage to display her works of art and her booth saw over 80 visitors during the course of the day.

  Thank you to the over 400 visitors who came by that day.  We look forward to holding more events like this one in the future.  ZEN Sanctuary holds four OPEN House and Workshop Events during the year.  The next open house is Saturday, June 22 at 5 p.m.  Follow this link.

  For more information about our center please go to www.zensanctuary.com or to book an appointment online go to book online.  ZEN Sanctuary is located at 4183 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116 - 1(800) 818-0293

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learn How to Conquer Any Disease at our OPEN House on June 22, 2013 at 5 p.m.

Learn how to Conquer Any Disease and demystify skincare products at this fun, enlightening and informative OPEN House on Saturday, June 22 at 5 p.m.  Our expert panel of nutrition and skincare instructors will help you achieve your goals.  This informal open house offers refreshments and good wholesome food in addition to some very valuable presentations.   For questions please call (619) 269-9322 ext. 15